Michael Mann. Fascists

Michael Mann. Fascists Michael Mann. Fascists. Cambridge University Press. The Edinburgh Building, Cambridge cb2 2ru, UK. Published in the United States of America by Cambridge University Press, New York

В своей книге Майкл Манн предлагает читателю ознакомиться с оригинальной теорией фашизма, основанной на детальном анализе жизненных траекторий мужчин и женщин, ставших фашистами.

Fascists presents a new theory of fascism based on intensive analysis of the men and women who became fascists. It covers the six European countries in which fascism became most dominant: Italy, Germany, Austria, Hungary, Romania, and Spain. It is the most comprehensive analysis of who fascists actually were, what beliefs they held, and what actions they committed. Through this evidence we see that fascism is merely the most extreme form of “nation-statism,” which was the dominant political ideology of the twentieth century. Fascists argued that an “organic nation” and a strong state that was prepared to use violence to “knock heads together” could transcend the conflicts, especially the class conflicts, rending modern society. We also see the fascist core constituencies: social locations that were at the heart of the nation or closely connected to the state, and people who were accustomed to use violence

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